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Content Marketing Case Study - Genesys Communications

Genesys is a leading provider of customer engagement and contact center solutions. With more than 3,000 customers in 80 countries, Genesys orchestrates more than 100 million customer interactions every day across the contact center and back office, helping companies deliver fast and optimal levels of customer service with a highly personalized cross-channel customer experience. Genesys also prioritizes the flow of work to back office personnel resulting from any customer interaction, internal workflow or business application, optimizing the performance and satisfaction of customer-facing employees across the enterprise.

The Problem

Genesys was facing an issue: their website content needed serious updating. It had been a long time since any keyword research or search engine optimization was done. In addition, they had new messaging they wanted to incorporate into the site. They also had new services and new departments that needed to be incorporated into the site.

In addition, they really had no strategy built around using content for their site, blog, social media channels and other content silos. They reached out to Content Launch to help them solve these challenges.


Content strategy work:

Upon full review of Genesys content assets, both digital and traditional, huge gaps were identified that needed to be addressed. It was clear that no content strategy work had ever been completed for any content that Genesys was using to connect with prospects and customers. Content Launch put together a complete plan for a comprehensive content strategy engagement with Genesys.

Content creation work:

Upon full review of the current site, the wireframes and new site map, we identified over 100 new keyword phrases that could be incorporated into the new Genesys site and recommended 50 new pages. A plan was developed which included re-vamping all the meta tags/data for the pages, editing 35% of the existing pages, re-writing 60% of existing pages and changing the site navigation significantly to accommodate easier site searching.

The Solution 

Through their analysis, Content Launch put together the following list of challenges/weaknesses with the Genesys content:

  • The copywriting needs to be more compelling, needs to use emotional “trigger” words and could benefit from the “AIDA” process (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action)
  • The readability of the content (both web and marketing documents) is at the advanced/doctoral level. Much of the content also has a very “corporate” feel to it, using the classic pattern: many long, compounded sentences one after another. This creates a very dry and boring reading experience and reduces conversion.
  • The design of the website – outside of the home page and the Community page, it looks like a “template” web site and could use an updated design aesthetic. As a result, it reflects poorly on the copy.
  • The site appears as if its 7-8 years old and doesn’t have a “Web 2.0” look/feel
  • Much of the content on the site is not sharable, more on this later
  • Most of the interior pages don’t match the look/feel and content quality of the home page and Community page
  • The home page needs at least 200 words of copy to explain what Genesys is. This could be placed under the main graphic header. The video is good, but some people like to read and want quick information to see what the site/product is about.
  • Need more content “depth” across the board (specific user guides/how to’s, etc) that are CUSTOMER FOCUSED.
  • A blog has been established, but the content is weak. More frequent blog posts are required as well.
  • Social media profiles have been setup, but there is much more work to do in terms of more frequent updates, and connecting with big influencers
  • Site needs content directed at their key customer groups (see above). This is the “Buyer Persona” piece
  • Site videos and customer testimonials need to be leveraged more effectively
  • Blog and social media content integration is needed, utilizing automation features like HootSuite so everything that’s populated on the blog instantly gets populated on social media profiles
  • Need a free “something” for newsletter and blog subscribers
  • Site needs improved SEO across the board including better use of meta tags and linking (the same meta title tag appears on every page on the site and there is very little use of meta description tags)
  • It appears that the site copy was added over time (a little here, a little there), which gives it the overall “hodgepodge” type effect; the site content is not cohesive
  • Many pages have no images or graphic treatment at all. And the text on many pages is not enough (3-4 sentences doesn’t cut it) Example: Partner Program, Business Consulting and Professional Services pages
  • Have 4K clients, but only 2170 Twitter Followers and 152 subscribers to your YouTube Channel.
  • Twitter: should have more content about clients, industry, trends, interviews, etc and less about Genesys. Think 75% this type of content vs. 25% Genesys related.
  • YouTube Channel: last video uploaded a month ago. Can we get it to 2-3 a month?
  • Not enough webinar content – this is a big opportunity for Genesys. And don’t put all of them behind a sign up form. 
  • Resources section (and other similar sections) needs to be revamped (layout and content itself). Currently, it provides content in a long list with PDF downloads, but is not visually appealing and provides no incentive to click on them. These should be brief snippets that explain what the content is and then a “read more” link that goes to a new site page (not a PDF) Currently all of this content cannot be easily shared in the social networks, which is a big problem.
  • Press Page needs to be reworked as well. It needs to appear like the “Community” page and become a “Social Media Press/Media Room” that provides everything and anything a member of the press would want from the company (logos, executive headshots, company overview, social media links, all news from the past year, etc)
  • Need more frequent press releases (2-3 month at least would be good)
  • Site Map is not set up right. Needs to have “main pages and subpages” type architecture.

Content Launch put together the following list of opportunities for Genesys:

  • Use free buyers guides, comparison to the competition and other value added content
  • Recommend a “Buyer Persona” section be added to the site (we will discuss)
  • Mobile friendly website
  • Competitive comparison grid on the site (a side by side review)
  • Re-designing the site (with more imagery/graphics and expanded navigation)
  • More photos of people on the site (the missing “human” element), including high quality photos of your team (and removing any overused stock photos)
  • Including content that discusses system configuration, setup, use and best practices (and possibly including a basic system config/setup as a complimentary service). Interactive Intelligence does this very well. Great videos on their site.
  • Use a rotating home page “campaign” to make the home page more engaging. This would be 4-5 graphic/text displays that would rotate every 3-5 seconds, highlighting important customer benefits and/or pain points
  • Start a series of webinars or teleseminars (audio content)
  • Email autoresponders that connect with prospect pain points 
  • Leveraging your “raving” customer fans to a much greater degree
  • Keyword Research
  • Blog and social media content that connects with users, prospects and potential partners
  • Build relationships with important bloggers, social media influencers and others who will positively talk about Genesys (like www.nojitter.com)
  • More joint partnerships for content marketing campaigns and events (webinars/white papers, etc) Perhaps with Cisco?
  • Need to have all content resources available on the site also available in social media/blog and mobile and then promote them!
  • Every site page should have free resource/content offers, most of which would not require a sign up to access. Plus, each page should have offers/resources that are tailored to that specific page, industry or product. Example: On Industry Solution pages (Travel/Hospitality), the “Changing the Conversation in the Hospitality Industry” white paper should be there, but it currently is not. 
  • Publish content on “Genesys vs. Interactive Intelligence” (and the other main competitors). I did a search on Google and found nothing. 
  • Are you using all the great content you have developed in targeted email campaigns and in monthly email newsletters to your database of clients and prospects? This is a huge opportunity. 
  • On page SEO can be improved. 
  • On page call to action copy needs to be added to most pages. 

The Result

The content work, both the strategy consultation and content creation for the new site, took 60 days to complete. At three months post project, the following results were seen:

  • 80% improvement in site traffic
  • 65% improvement in site lead generation
  • 42% longer stays on the site
  • 39% improvement in new sales




Improvement in site traffic


Improvement in site lead generation


longer stays on the site