Content Marketing Software

Content marketing and the elusive ROI: How do you measure it effectively and make it all pay off? Great question.  

The most proven way is by using a tool to centralize the process and improve efficiencies. Doing this can end up impacting your revenue by 4-6X. A content marketing platform can help organize your strategy, automate processes & drive creation of original content.

With this e-book, you’ll learn:

  • The actual ROI that companies are realizing by using a content marketing platform
  • How to actually drive revenue from your content operation
  • The actual operational savings that can be realized
  • Real marketing resource productivity data
  • Impact on digital advertising cost reductions

Operationalizing content marketing is the way forward. But you need a system to manage it all. Once you have that in place, everything gets easier (and more organized!). Plus, your content will have a bigger impact.

Get the information you need by reading this e-book. And then check out Content Launch, the world's first freemium content marketing platform. You'll drive more leads, close more deals and get more customers than ever before!

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