Ensure Your Content Gets Viewed, Downloaded, Consumed & Shared

Planning and creating content is one thing. Getting it in front of the right target market and then managing it on an ongoing basis is something totally different. And this is one of the biggest challenges for companies today. Hundreds of businesses create great content; but then no one sees it. Or shares it. Or turns into a customer because of it. And that makes this "content thing" just one big waste of time. Don't let that be your company.

We Partner with the Best Firms in the Content Marketing Space

So what should you have in place when it comes to content marketing intelligence, automation and distribution? This is what you need to get in the game...

  • Marketing Automation - Hubspot provides the industries easiest and most affordable platform for total digital marketing success
  • Inbound Marketing/SEO - Connection Model can help manage your Hubspot account and assist with all of your search engine optimization needs
  • Content Discovery - The Outbrain engine recommends your content on premium sites to engage new audiences and expose your brand to the masses
  • Content Curation - Trap-it uses contextual analysis of information and user preferences to find the industry content that’s relevant to your customers
  • Smarter Leads - PaperShare allows you to see who is viewing your content and directly engage with them

Content Launch is strategically partnered with these providers for the benefit of all our clients. Although we don’t provide any marketing automation, inbound marketing or content management services in house, we passionately recommend these selected vendors to ensure your content marketing success!

We look forward to helping you in this process.

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