Plan Your Content Before You Create It

Your web content needs to be skillfully planned in order for it to connect and convert. Our web content strategy services provide a roadmap for the creation, delivery, and governance of content that your website users and social network will find valuable - now and into the future.

Content Launch works with you to create content strategies that are in line with your business objectives and user goals. As well, we take into consideration your current content assets and your available resources to assemble a content plant that fits.

In addition, we seek to make all content for your company:

  • Relevant - your content needed to be managed throughout its entire lifecycle
  • Optimized - the search engines and social networks are a key channel for your content
  • Leveragable - the content needs to serve multiple roles and be used to inform other pieces of the content universe
  • Profitable - the success of the content should be partially measured by its impact on your organization's bottom line

Key Stages of Our Web Content Strategy & Planning Work Include:

1. Audit and Assessment

Most legacy content is inconsistent, irrelevant and out-of-date. Working with your internal team, our content strategists review your current content assets and ecosystem. We review:

  • Existing content performance (web, social media, SEO, print, etc)
  • Internal roles and processes
  • Content strategy readiness
  • User expectations
  • Competitors and influencers
  • Content supply chain

At audit completion, you'll have a new window into the quality of the content you have and what the environmental or organizational impact is on its creation, delivery, and governance.

2. Strategy and Integration

All content needs to serve a purpose. All content should be proactive. Most of all, you need content that supports business objectives and meets user goals. A quality content strategy exercise will perform this role. In this stage, we set up and design content solutions that are specific and measurable. Your content strategy will include detailed recommendations for:

  • Messaging
  • Structure
  • Workflow
  • Governance

If you're also engaged with multiple, ongoing content initiatives, we'll ensure our recommendations are well integrated into those requirements, schedules, and desired outcomes.

3. Governance and Guidelines

Auditing, planning and developing content is one thing. Managing it is quite another. Depending on how much content you have, what it communicates and where it is “housed”, there will be important decisions that need to be made. “How” and “why” new content is being created are important questions to address in this stage. Content always needs to be working for your company, serving an important role with prospects, customers and other users.

For content to remain accurate, relevant and valuable, it's important to develop specific governance policies, standards, and guidelines. These can inform and even define your:

  • Content-related roles and responsibilities
  • Decision-making processes around content
  • Content governance tools

4. Management & Curation

Content needs to be managed and marketed to maximize its distribution and effectiveness. At Content Launch, we have partnered with the best tools and technologies in the industry to ensure your success.

Your web content strategy is an important part of your online presence; let us show you how to improve the effectiveness of your content so you can connect and convert…every time.

Questions? Contact us today.